How to enable dark mode in YouTube for Android

Dark mode is a much welcome feature in any modern application, especially if you enjoy using your phone in the dark but don’t want light blinding your retinas. After bringing dark mode to YouTube for iOS, Google has finally released it for Android. Here is how you can enable dark mode in YouTube for Android.

While the benefits of Dark Theme are definitely very appealing, there are a lot of reasons for many apps to adopt it as their primary look. The darker color provides better battery life, viewing experiences, and is overall a better app experience for the consumer when using apps for longer durations.

YouTube Dark Theme will only affect your viewing experience when navigating the app, the video watching experience is not changed in any way, but you will have a better time watching videos in the dark or if you just want to reduce eye strain.

Enable Dark Mode in YouTube for Android

The first thing you need to do is head over to the Play Store and make sure you are on the latest version of YouTube, which, as of typing this post, should be 13.35.51. You can find out which version your YouTube app is on, by clicking on your profile button at the top-right of the app to open the Account tab, navigating to Settings and tapping on About.

If you’re app is up-to-date according to the Play Store, all you have to do is the following:

  1. Tap on the top-right of the screen to open your Accounts page.How to Enable Dark Mode in YouTube for Android Step 1
  2. Navigate to SettingsHow to Enable Dark Mode in YouTube for Android Step 2
  3. Tap on GeneralYouTube for Android Dark Mode
  4. You will see Dark theme as a toggle here. Toggle the switch to the right and you will notice the change immediately!How to Enable Dark Mode in YouTube for Android Step 4

This is an absolute lifesaver for many people who generally prefer dark themes over light themes. Many researchers also agree that dark themes help reduce the┬ádetrimental effects of having a brightly-lit display close to your face which is the situation when you’re doing some night-time watching. Another saving grace of Dark Theme is browsing content without disturbing other people in a dark room, even at full brightness, as an app with the dark theme enabled will have a hard time getting someone else up, that is until you play a video.

While the update has been rolled out globally, there are reports of a few small countries where people haven’t yet gotten the update. If you don’t see the dark theme toggle in your app yet, it means the feature is not available in your region yet or your YouTube app might not be updated.

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