You might be able to stream music from 2019 iPhones to two Bluetooth devices at the same time

Apple might be working on adding dual Bluetooth audio output to 2019 iPhones. Theoretically, this will allow users to connect two Bluetooth audio devices, like headphones or speakers, to listen to music at the same time. This is not a groundbreaking new feature and has already been implement on flagship devices like Samsung Galaxy phones.

2019 iPhone triple lens camera

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The report comes from Macotakara who got this information from an Asian supplier. Dual Bluetooth audio relies on Bluetooth 5.0, which has been part of Apple’s smartphone lineup since iPhone 8 and iPhone X. Audio can be transmitted to a maximum of two devices using Bluetooth 5.0. This is not possible with older standards though.

Samsung has been offering Dual Audio since Galaxy S8, so this feature is not new for Android users.

The use cases for this feature can be really interesting. For example, two people can use AirPods to watch the same movie on an iPhone (or iPad). Or users can connect their iPhone to their car and output music to it, while transferring a call to their wireless headphone. With AirPlay 2, Apple already has the right user interface in place to reroute audio to different devices. They could use the same interface for dual output too.

Granted this feature might not be used often, but since this is something that can be used as part of the Bluetooth 5 standard, it would be great for Apple to enable it on upcoming iPhones and iPads.

Apple is expected to add the following features to upcoming iPhones this year: triple camera setup, Wi-Fi 6, two-way wireless charging (another feature already offered by flagship Android phones), USB-C, frosted glass casing, upgraded FaceID, improved indoor positioning system and much more. I, for one, hope that all these new features do not result in more expensive iPhones. Fingers crossed.

For now, all eyes are on iOS 13, set to be revealed at WWDC 2019, which is less than a week away. If somehow this dual audio feature is software dependent since the hardware is already in many iPhones (8 and above), iOS 13 might enable it.