Microsoft’s updates to fix Windows 10 version 1803 have created more issues

Windows 10 April 2018 has been a mixed bag lately. A mixed bag full of bugs. As if the issues with the first release, version 1803, were not enough, subsequent updates intended to fix these issues have created more problems of their own. Just a glance at different threads on numerous forums, Reddit and other Windows focused websites surface a large variety of issues.

Windows 10 April 2018 Timeline View

Issues range from users not being able to login, random system freezes and app crashes, to users reporting a further drop in performance and fps in games. The biggest issues have been with Avast users and Intel SSD users (600p and Pro 6000 series). Microsoft had stop the update from installing on these systems. While Microsoft is still investigating these issues and working on new fixes, there is no guarantee that the new fixes will actually fix anything or create new problems instead.

Fix for Windows 10 version 1803

The only solution so far to these issues is to either try a clean re-install or roll back to a previous version of Windows and block updates for a while. Neither of these solutions are easy and require a lot of data backup and software reinstallation. You can also try these fixes for Windows 10 April 2018 update, but these do include any solutions for users with Avast Antivirus or SSD related issues. Unless removing Avast AV from your PC or replacing your SSD can be considered a solution.

Unfortunately, it seems that with each new major Windows 10 update, the number of bugs just keep on increasing. Mitigation fixes for¬†Spectre and Meltdown¬†security flaws with processors, specially Intel’s, have already been known to cause a decrease in performance. Combine these with Windows 10’s regular buggy updates that are causing performance problems too, especially for gamers, shows that Microsoft really needs to fix their quality issues.

Apple is already working on a quality related updates this year in the form of macOS 10.14 and iOS 12, as they have had their share of bugs recently. Perhaps, Microsoft needs to learn something from Apple here and focus on a ‘Snow Leopard’ release for Windows 10 which focuses on nothing except stability and performance improvements. I’m certain that it’ll make a large portion of users extremely happy to see a change in this trend of buggy Windows 10 releases.