WhatsApp finally adds stickers to their app

WhatsApp has introduced a lot of new features in the past year to their app. These include Status updates, support for GIFs, group voice and video calls and much more. WhatsApp has announced that they will finally be adding support for stickers to their apps for iPhone and Android.

While a relatively older feature on other instant messaging apps like Viber, Telegram, etc, Stickers were never a part of WhatsApp. Stickers help add some diversity of expression to the mix. A number of current stickers are borrowed from Facebook such as Biscuit the Dog, Banana the Gorilla, and Hatch. It makes sense due to Facebook being the parent company to WhatsApp after buying them out.

Out of the box, there will be a limited selection of sticker packs to choose from, however, WhatsApp has announced support for third-party developers to create their own stickers. WhatsApp has outlined how to developers can create sticker packs for both iPhone and Android users.

WhatsApp Stickers

Using Stickers in WhatsApp

To access stickers, simply tap the new sticker button to use them. If you don’t see the sticker button yet, you will have to wait for the feature to be available in your region.

With support for stickers, it’ll be easier than ever to communicate with friends and family. With group voice and video calling, group management, camera effects/GIF support and much more, the app slowly, but steadily, keeps gaining more features. Fortunately, the addition of these new features has not bloated the app, unlike what happened to Facebook Messenger.

The app has also expanded to businesses, to help companies reach out to consumers in a direct and interactive manner. With WhatsApp Business, companies can now reach consumers without spam messages or sponsored messages in group chats. Consumers can also reach out to companies using WhatsApp, which makes it a direct competition for iMessage Business Chat.

The new update with stickers should be available soon for both iPhone and Android.