Twitter’s new camera mode makes sharing photos easier and faster

Twitter has rolled out a major update for photo and video sharing in their smartphone apps. Users can now easily capture and share photos and videos by swiping left from their Home timeline. Users can capture a photo, record a 2 minutes video or start a live session via the new camera mode in the app. After capture, a new overlay will allow users to add text, hashtags and location to their media. When adding location, users will automatically get a list of geo-hashtags related to the topics and events trending in their vicinity. Users can also choose a color of their liking while composing the tweet. 

Twitter Camera

The official video by the company illustrates how effortlessly users can capture and share media, or start live coverage through the app. Open the app, swipe left from Home and access the camera to capture a photo by a tap, record a video by pressing the capture button or begin a live stream via periscope by hitting the Live button. For now, users will be able to record a two minutes video only, however, the company has communicated plans to extend the length of the video recordings. The feature will work with both, front and rear cameras of smartphones. Users will have to tap on the top right button on the camera interface to switch between rear camera (default setting) to front camera.

Twitter Camera Tweet

It is noticeably easier and faster to share content in the app after this update. The new UI for media captured via this new functionality also stands out and makes the content seem more ‘click-worthy’. Therefore, the update is good news for Twitter’s 126 million daily users on the app. Although the new camera mode functionality seems similar to Snapchat and Instagram Stories, people who have used it claim that it still feels like Twitter. Users are calling this camera update, one of the biggest updates by the company, since its upgrade of tweets to 280 characters.

Twitter has an undeniable reach; world leaders, entrepreneur, celebrities, and people from all walks of life share their opinions and content on the platform. Twitter continues to work on incorporating changes to the app which will keep their medium relevant, while not straying from their core functionality.

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