Twitter app gets a new OLED black theme and automatic dark mode

Twitter has released a new update which brings an OLED friendly black theme and automatic dark mode to its iOS app. The app already had a dark mode but instead of being completely black, it used a blue/grey color scheme which made readability really easy in low light environments.

Lights out theme in Twitter for iOS

Twitter has modified the display settings to accommodate the new options. The previous dark mode is still there and has been renamed to ‘Dim’. The new OLED dark theme is called ‘Lights out’. The new automatic dark mode setting works just as the name suggests – it switches the app’s colors based on the time of the day. Whether it switches to Dim or Lights out is optional.

Twitter Lights Out Dark Mode

To use the new dark theme, open the Twitter app on iOS and go to Settings > Display and sound. Scroll down and enable the Dark mode toggle. The two dark themes will appear: Dim and Lights out. Select either and the app will instantly switch. If you prefer automatic switching so that the app shows a light theme during the day and your preferred dark theme during the night, enable the Automatic dark mode toggle.

There are some benefits of using the new Lights out theme on an iPhone with an OLED display. The theme is black, which means that pixels on an OLED display are turned off to render the black parts of the UI. This theoretically saves battery life since the app makes the OLED display use less power. Whether it makes a big impact during actual real-world usage is debatable.

As per Twitter:

We went with pure black because it emits no light, turns off unused pixels and still makes the readability of content on Twitter easier on the eyes, especially in dim environments.

Twitter has also made it quicker to access display settings. Instead of going to Settings, you can swipe right on the home screen and press and hold on the new bulb icon. This will open the Display mode panel with all the theme and automatic dark mode settings.

Twitter Bulb Display Settings

Here’s a video posted by Twitter that shows how to use the new dark mode options.

The new theme is only available on iOS for now. It will be rolled out to Android and Twitter website in the near future. Android already has the automatic theme switching so if you didn’t know, now is a good time to give it a try.

Make sure to check App Store for the latest update to use the new OLED theme in Twitter app.

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