Tweetbot 5 for iOS gets OLED optimized theme, Giphy support & more

Tweetbot is perhaps the best third-party Twitter app for any platform. While it was recently nerfed thanks to Twitter’s API changes, the developers are still working on bringing new features to it. Tweetbot 5 for iOS receives a design refresh, an improved dark theme for OLED displays, support for haptic feedback, auto video playback and GIF support via Giphy.

Tweetbot 5

Even though Twitter updated their API recently, which has reduced functionality for third-party apps, there is still a huge market for them, on all platforms. Thanks to Twitter’s developer and user-hostile API changes, third-party apps now get delayed notifications. Timeline streaming has also been removed which means that apps have to manually refresh now to view new tweets.

Tweetbot has been my primary Twitter app ever since the first version was released back in 2011. The app has always sported a unique design and features like gesture support, media viewing (even for Instagram) and timeline syncing, that have been missing from the official app. With the new update, profiles and Tweet status screens have received a new design. Auto video playback has also been added which was a feature missing in Tweetbot since a long time. Considering that Twitter, Facebook and Reddit have auto video playback in their feeds, it was a matter of when and not if, Tweetbot will add this feature too.

Tweetbot 5 also has a new tipping feature which lets you support the app’s development. Users can tip between $0.99, $2.99, or $4.99 to support the app. Tipping also unlocks a number of new themes for users.

Tweetbot 5 Themes

Here’s the complete change log for version 5:

  • GIF support in compose view (Powered by Giphy).
  • Redesigned profiles.
  • Redesigned tweet status details.
  • New iconography and app icon.
  • Optimized dark theme for OLED displays.
  • Support for haptic feedback.
  • Auto video playback in the timeline (which can be disabled in the settings).

The update is available now in App Store for iPhone and iPad users. If you don’t have Tweetbot on your device yet, you can buy it from the App Store for $4.99. If you enjoy the app like I do, don’t forget to tip the developers.