Tweetbot 3 for Mac launches with dark theme, updated design and more

Tapbots have launched Tweetbot 3 for Mac with a new dark theme, design changes, inline media playback, new column management mechanism and more. The app is available as a new purchase from the Mac App Store for $9.99. Here’s a quick look at the new features.


From first looks, Tweetbot 3 is instantly recognizable for Tweetbot 2 users. The layout of elements as well as some of the icons are still very similar. Here are both apps next to each other:

Tweetbot 3 for Mac

With the new Tweetbot, the sidebar is now expandable. In its expanded state, the sidebar not only shows labels for each icon, it shows direct links to more sections like My Tweets, Likes and so on. If, like yours truly, you use Tweetbot in Split View with other apps, you might want to keep the sidebar in the narrow view because it tends to take too much space in its expanded view.

Tweetbot 3 expanded sidebar

Tapbots also updated the icon for the app, which is not my favorite part of the update. It seems to be inspired by Angry Birds.

Icon for Tweetbot 3 for mac

Inline media playback

After a long time, Tweetbot 3 for Mac now has support for inline media playback. Inline media playback is limited to GIFs and Twitter videos. Videos only autoplay when you mouse over them. Videos also show a new volume control and seek bar which work very well.

video player in Tweetbot 3 for Mac

For Tweets with multiple photos, you can open one and swipe through the rest of the images from the viewer.

Tweetbot 3 viewer

Look at the arrow button on the right side of the image, not Beckham.

Powerful filters

The developers behind Tweetbot have also improved how filters work. You can now filter the following tweets in your timeline: Media, Links, Retweets and Quotes. If you dig deeper into advanced filter settings, you can also filter by keywords, hashtags, replies or verified accounts. These powerful filters work great when combined with the new drag and drop column mechanism.

Filters in Tweetbot 3 for Mac

Drag to add Columns

The new column mechanism works differently than before. Mouse over to the lower right corner of Tweetbot and a drag control will appear. Drag it far enough to the right and it will add another column. You can do this again and again, as long as your display width allows. Tip: make the original Tweetbot window narrow before adding new columns. You should be able to add more columns than you could otherwise.

Multi column layout in Tweetbot 3 for Mac

For each of the different columns, you can choose to show mentions, profiles, searches, direct messages or different lists you might have setup in your Twitter account.

Will this replace TweetDeck for you? No. Unlike TweetDeck, the column options are not as fleshed out. For example, you cannot have Timelines from multiple accounts in the same column view. You will have to open other accounts in new windows and create their own columns.

Dark theme

Finally, as with all new apps, Tweetbot 3 also has a new dark theme.

Dark theme in Tweetbot 3 for Mac

Other features

There are various other updates throughout the app, including the following:

  • Notifications now show both mentions and activity in the same view
  • You can paste a Twitter link when Tweetbot is open and it will open it in the app
  • Notes can be added to different user profiles
  • You can use the app in fullscreen, with all the columns you have created


Tweetbot 3 for Mac is a definite improvement to what was already the best third-party Twitter app on any desktop operating system. If you are a power-user, this app has all the features you would need. It won’t replace TweetDeck, if you have to juggle between multiple accounts, but for all other purposes, it betters the competition. Even if you aren’t a power user, this app is perfect for regular usage. Tapbots did not offer an upgrade pricing model for existing users and there is a good reason for it. Tweetbot for Mac was released back in 2012, and received a major free upgrade in 2015, in the form of version 2.

Tweetbot 3 is available forĀ $9.99 in the Mac App Store.

P.S. I hope Tapbots are working on these new features for their iOS app too.