Connect to your AirPods easily with ToothFairy Mac App

ToothFairy is a menubar app for macOS that lets users switch to their AirPods with just one click. The app also makes it easy to check whether the AirPods are connected, check their battery life, as well as set a global hotkey to connect or disconnect them from your Mac.

Apple makes it seamless to roam between different devices like iOS and Apple Watch, but for Mac, the situation is not that straight forward. You have to enable the Bluetooth menu bar icon for quick switching. As long as you are logged into the same iCloud account on your Mac, as on your iOS device, you can easily connect to AirPods using the Bluetooth menu in macOS. So, why use ToothFairy, a paid app, instead?

ToothFairy is all about convenience. The app lives on your menu bar, so no matter how many Bluetooth devices you have connected to your Mac, you can switch with just a click – or a hotkey. The app is simple to use. In its settings, you can select your AirPods, select a menu bar icon for them, configure a hotkey and chose to show their battery status in the menu bar. The app can also be set to launch at login, and have its dock icon hidden.Toothfairy for macOS AirPods

What if you do not have AirPods? You can use ToothFairy with any other Bluetooth headphones, or even devices like keyboards and mice, for instant connectivity.

Select AirPods Toothfairy

You can also select the icon you want to show in the menu bar. I always use this icon:ToothFairy AirPod icons

The hollow menu bar icon fills up when connected, and also shows the battery status.

Toothfairy icon

Some advanced settings in the app allow you to enable higher quality sound output. This should only be enabled if you do not have to use your microphone. You can also disable your AirPods from disconnecting when you click the icon or press the global hotkey. This is actually really useful because you never need to disconnect your AirPods. Simply change output from your other Mac or iOS device to connect to them and they automatically disconnect from the previously connected device.

Advanced options in ToothfairyIf you really need to, you can also run a sheet script upon connection or disconnection. This feature isn’t for everyone but it’s there.

What I love about using ToothFairy is that I only have to click on the icon in the menu bar and I know that my AirPods will be connected and audio will be routed through them. During some deep music listening sessions, I can improve their sound output too. The app supports dark mode in macOS Mojave.

It’s no secret that I love my AirPods┬áso I found the app really useful. Even if you any other Bluetooth headphones, and use them regularly with your Mac, ToothFairy is a good investment. The app is available in the Mac App Store for $2.99

Download ToothFairy for Mac