Squad app lets you share your iPhone screen in a video call with friends

Squad is a unique new take on smartphone communication apps. The iPhone app allows users to place video calls with friends and share their screen with them at the same time, allowing for an unlimited possibility of experiences. Users can shop, browse memes, watch videos, listen to music and do many other activities together. Basically, anything you do and see on your phone by yourself, you can do the same with your friends thanks to the combination of screen sharing and video call in Squad app. 

Squad app iPhone

Squad calls itself a social screen sharing app and rightly so. Utilizing iPhone’s ReplayKit API, typically used for broadcasting gameplay, the app reinvents the formula for what can be done in communication apps. While users have been able to screen share on Windows and Mac thanks to Skype and other apps, screen-sharing hd always been aimed towards professional use cases. Bringing this feature to iPhone, and allowing users to share all their activities really opens up the app to infinite possibilities. Users can listen to streaming music, watch YouTube videos, shop on Amazon, use social media apps, plan outings and much more.

Personally, I love the app’s concept. Being able to watch movie trailers together, provide tech support, browse news or memes with my significant other, despite being far away sounds amazing. I actually wish that FaceTime gets this feature with iOS 13 because I use it so much.

Of course, as with any tech, there are always possibilities of misusage. Users can easily share private information of other individuals, even those that have blocked them. It will also be interesting to see whether apps like YouTube would be ok with their videos being broadcasted using another app. If Squad takes off, an app like YouTube would not be able to correctly track views and even ad impressions would not be accurate. However, when you think about it, these things already happen when people sit together and do these activities.

Squad is only available for iPhone at the moment while an Android app will be coming soon. It’ll be interesting to see how Squad is able to make iOS ReplayKit API work with Android¬†MediaProjection API.

Squad seems to have struck gold with screen sharing which will be the next big thing in messaging apps. I would not be surprised if Facebook copies this feature in their upcoming updates to Facebook, Messenger, Instagram or WhatsApp. Facebook did the same with Snapchat when it become popular.

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