Spotify Apple Watch app is now available for all users

Spotify’s Apple Watch app is finally making its way to all users. After some time in beta testing, and many years of customer requests, Spotify’s app will finally be available for Apple Watch users, allowing them to control their music right from their wrist. The app supports basic features like music playback, speaker output control, shuffle, recently played listing and more. 

Spotify Apple Watch

At launch, the app is not heavy on features. It does not have features like offline music and podcasts playback, neither does it allow users to browse their complete Spotify library from the watch. Cellular and Siri support are also missing. However, users can control their music using play, pause, rewind and forward buttons. Users can also like their music using the heart button. The app also lets users change the output device to different speakers or computers. There’s also a toggle for shuffle and a list which displays recently played music. Volume can also be adjusted by rotating the Digital Crown.

As you can tell, the app is really barebones at the moment, specially when you compare it to the Apple Music app for watchOS.

A disappointing bit of news for Apple Watch Series 4 owners is that Spotify’s app does not support the larger 40mm and 44mm display sizes. Even though Apple Watch Series 4 has been out since September and Spotify’s app had been in development since some time, the company did not put in effort to support the larger screens. Hopefully, this omission is on top of Spotify’s future to-do list for their watchOS app.

The app is gradually rolling out over the coming week. It will be available with v.8.4.79 of Spotify so check out App Store to ensure you have the latest version. You might need to manually install the app to your Apple Watch, if you have modified the default settings in your iOS Watch app.