Spectre is an iPhone camera app that uses AI to create beautiful long exposures

Spectre is a new camera app for iPhone that uses artificial intelligence to help capture beautiful long exposure photographs. Spectre uses machine learning and computer vision to capture hundreds of photos and merge them to create long exposure which can be shared as Live Photo. The app has been developed by the folks behind Halide, which is another camera app for iPhone. Halide supports RAW image capture with manual controls. 

Specter app for iPhone

What makes Spectre stand out from other apps that support a long shutter is that it uses a number of AI based enhancements that make the results stand out. The app uses AI for scene detection, image stabilization and intelligent exposure. Users don’t have to manually adjust the shutter or exposure to get the perfect light streaks and smooth water effect. The app does everything automatically.

Spectre utilizes a number of technologies baked into iOS which include Live Photos, HEIC, DCI-P3 color gamut, Metal graphics, machine learning, computer graphics and more. The app is a perfect example of computational photography at its best.

Here are a number of photos captured using Spectre:

Spectre is available for iPhone 6 and above, however the app captures photos in low resolution on iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Automatic Scene Detection works on iOS 12. Stabilization is available on iPhone 8 and above, because the app takes advantage of Neural Engine.

The app might not be for everyone and there is no trial available to see if you would find it useful. However, the photos from Twitter should help you make up your mind. If you use your iPhone camera a lot, Spectre will be worth its $2.99 value in App Store. Considering the developer’s track record with Halide, expect a lot of improvements and polish down the road.

Download Spectre from App Store

Update – 14 March: Spectre has received a major new update, version 1.1, which brings:

  • AI stabilization for iPhone 7, iPhone 6 and iPhone SE.
  • Stabilization during Light Trails Mode is also improved for sharper output.
  • Live Photo mode has also results in higher resolution videos now.
  • Voiceover support has also been improved for accessibility users.
  • A number of bug fixes for metadata and app crashes.