Snapchat adds friendship profiles, Bitmoji merchandise and Bitmoji Stories

Snapchat has announced a few new features for their smartphone app. The first is Friendship Profile, which are private profiles that contain photos, videos, links and other messages exchanged between friends. The second new feature is the Bitmoji merchandise store, which will let users buy customized products t-shits, mugs and so on, with their Bitmojis on them. The third new feature is Bitmoji Stories, which will be personalized comic strips that appear in a user’s Discover feed.

Snapchat Friendship Profile

Friendship Profile

The new Friendship Profile in Snapchat will be accessed by tapping on a friend’s Bitmoji. This will open a profile which shows the friend’s location on Snap Map and saved items in chat which include photos, videos, links and text messages. In case of a group, the profile will show all group members and their locations, along with the same chat messages, including all shared media. The purpose behind Friendship Profile is to have a single place where users can access shared memories with friends or groups. The profiles are private and only visible to friends or groups and cannot be shared with anybody else.

This feature will be rolling out globally to all iOS and Android users over the coming weeks.

Bitmoji Merchandise

Snapchat is opening an ecommerce store which will allow users to customize different products with their Bitmoji. Users can customize t-shirts, mugs, stickers, phone cases, towels and other items using their friend’s and their own Bitmojis.

This feature will available in United States for iPhone users only, starting November 15.

Bitmoji Stories

Snapchat is introducing regularly updated comic strips in Discover feed which will feature the user and their friend’s Bitmojis. Though the comic strip will be the same in each user’s Discover feed, it will be personalized using the user’s Bitmoji. The friend’s Bitmoji will be automatically selected based on the friend that the user most recently communicated with. This feature should get users to share and interact more, specially if the comic strips are interesting.

This feature will be available in United States, starting November 15.

No matter what you think of Snapchat, there is no denying that it has a major impact on how users communicate. Despite shameless copying by Facebook and Instagram, and user backlash thanks to questionable design changes, Snapchat has been hanging in there, and trying to add new content and features to their platform to attract more users.

Let’s see when Facebook/Instagram launch avatars, merchandise and comics.