Snap Camera brings Snapchat filters to Mac and Windows desktop

In an unexpected move, Snapchat has released its filters for Mac and Windows desktop users by the name of Snap Camera. It’s no secret that Snapchat’s filters are one of its most popular features and with Snap Camera, users can now use these filters in video call apps and Twitch streaming.

Snap Camera

Snap Camera is a great way for content creators to creatively engage with their audiences. Streamers can use one of the many live filters while streaming their favorite game. Subscribers can be rewarded with a custom Snap filter when they subscribe to their favorite Twitch Streamer.

Filters for popular games like Overwatch, PUBG and World of Warcraft are available for Twitch streamers. In addition, Streamers can also reward subscribers, allowing them to receive a custom Lens reaction.

The lenses/filters also work with video calling apps on desktop. Users can setup Snap Camera as their web cam, so the filters will work on any app that supports webcam input.

It is interesting to see Snapchat trying to increase its reach. Entering the desktop market and targeting streamers could be a wise choice. This presents not only a great opportunity for Snap, but also for content creators on Twitch to engage and reward their audience in fun ways.

Snapchat continues to dominate the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store as one of the most popular social apps. It has a global user-base consisting of millions of users from all parts of the world. The company is also listed on the stock exchange however, it has not been doing too well recently. Users did not like Snapchat’s app redesign and the company has not been able to turn profitable unlike its competitors. With Snapchat, Spectacles and the new Snap Camera, it will be interesting to see how Snap is able to turn around their fortunes. One cannot help but wonder if they have more product announcements up their sleeves as their portfolio is still very small.

Download Snap Camera for Windows and Mac