Slack has a new dark mode on iOS & Android – Here’s how to enable it

Slack has finally introduced a new dark theme for its apps for iOS and Android. The dark mode is currently available for Slack beta users and can be enabled with a simple toggle in Settings. Here’s how to get the beta app on your iOS and Android devices and use the new dark mode in Slack.

Slack beta for iOS and Android

At the time of writing, the dark mode is only available for Slack’s beta apps for iOS and Android. To download the beta apps, you must register on Slack’s website for iOS and Android betas. For iOS, once approved, you will receive a TestFlight invite to download and install the test build. For Android, you must sign up on Google Play to become a tester.

Dark Mode for Slack

Once you get get access to the beta app on your device, open it and go to Settings. You will see a Dark Mode toggle there. Enable this and the app will switch to a dark theme.

Slack Dark Mode Guide

This is what the dark mode will look like in different sections of the app:


Note that the dark mode is not completely black so it won’t take advantage of OLED screens. However, it has a dark theme, similar to Twitter or Apollo’s dark modes and looks really nice. The sidebar doesn’t turn to a dark mode though so it’s possible that Slack is still working on the theme.

Slack is also working on native desktop apps for macOS and Windows, which are expected to release this year. However, there has not been any sign of a dark mode for these desktop apps in the current beta builds.

iOS 13 and Android Q, the upcoming versions of both mobile operating systems, are expected to ship with built-in dark themes. This means that developers will also get access to updated SDKs with dark mode support. Whether apps like Slack, Twitter, Messenger and the likes will have to be updated again is yet to be seen. Developers will have to ensure that these apps switch themes with the global settings in these operating systems.

P.S. if you want a dark theme in Slack for macOS, check out Sblack.

Update, 11 March: Slack has released an update for iOS and Android which brings the dark mode to all users, without the need to install a beta build. Unfortunately, the sidebar still does not switch to a dark theme. Slack has also mentioned that the dark mode is coming later to desktop.

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