Siri Shortcuts and Screen Time will be part of macOS 10.15

Apple is bring Siri Shortcuts, Screen Time and other iOS features to macOS 10.15 as per a new report. These features were released with iOS 12 last year but didn’t make it to macOS Mojave 10.14, however, it is good to know that Apple is not letting macOS lag behind in terms of features. One reason might also be that Apple will be releasing its Marzipan apps SDK to developers at WWDC 2019, which will utilize these features.

Apple Codename Marzipan

In these new revelations by 9to5Mac, it has been confirmed via sources that Siri Shortcuts, will be available as a downloadable app in macOS 10.15, similar to its iOS counterpart. Apple had acquired Workflow and rebranded and released it as Siri Shortcuts, as a feature of iOS 12. The app allows users to automate certain tasks and invoke them using Siri, Today widget or Share menu. It is expected that it will only work with other Marzipan apps in macOS. The Shortcuts app itself will also be a Marzipan app, so it will have the same feature set as Shortcuts app on iOS.

Screen Time will also be making its way to macOS and will allow time tracking for app usage as well as parental controls. Users who have setup family sharing will be able to set limits on app usage, as well as digital purchases, for their children. Ever since Screen Time was announced for iOS, users have been looking for alternatives for macOS. It’s good to see that Apple is bringing over this feature to macOS so quickly.

Other iOS features that will also be a part of macOS 10.15 include improvements to Siri so users can use it to set timers and alarms. Apple ID management and Family Sharing improvements will also be added to System Preferences. Apple will finally be bringing iMessage effects to macOS too. No more (sent with confetti). Phew.

Perhaps the most interesting thing is that Apple will be releasing its Marzipan SDK to developers at WWDC 2019. It will be a huge addition to macOS and has me worried about the potential downsides. I love Mac apps but I absolutely hate the Marzipan apps released so far which include Voice Memos, News and so on. They don’t take advantage of many Mac features and UI conventions and that is not a good thing for the macOS users. I hope that Apple would have learnt from user complaints and worked on improvements for these cross-platform apps.

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