Series 4 Watch bands, iPhone XS & XR Cases & Beats headphones

If you’re looking to grab one a new iPhone XS or Apple Watch Series 4 this month, you might want to grab some accessories to go with it. Here are all the new accessories Apple has launched, to coincide with the new products.

Whether you’re in the market for a new Apple Watch Series 4 watch band, a new pair of Beats headphones or if you want the perfect case to show off your new iPhone, here are some of our top picks for your next purchase.

New Apple Watch Series 4 Bands

For reference, even though the new Apple Watch Series 4 ships in 40 mm & 44 mm size, your existing Apple Watch bands will still fit with the Series 4, so you don’t need an upgrade if you are content with your current bands.

Apple Watch Series 4 Watch Bands

Apple Watch Series 4 Sports Bands

Fall 2018 Sport Bands

Sporty, durable, and a variety of colors. What more could you need?

Fall 2018 Sport Loop Bands

Sports Loop Bands

If you are looking for a loop bands, these are right up your alley.

Fall 2018 Leather Bands

Leather Bands

If you’re not the sporty type, these leather have a dignified touch of style and class. You have to throw more money at the screen, but it will be worth it to turn a few heads.

Fall 2018 Nike Sport Bands

Even if you don’t buy a Nike watch, you can still buy these sporty bands to pair with a regular Apple Watch.

Fall 2018 Apple Watch Hermès Bands

Hermes Bands

Now, this is where we enter the finest selection of straps, but only if you have the wallet for it. These color-shifting faces will match with the color-blocked band to match the watch face.

Fall 2018 Milanese Loops

Milanese Bands

If you are a fan of the Milanese loops, you will be glad to hear that they are available in gold and black and look amazing.

iPhone XR / XS / XS Max Beats Headphones

ur Bears 3 Earphones

The urBeats3 line is expanding to fit in new colors that iPhone XR will be available in, so that you have a matching look for your in-ear earphones. Available in yellow, coral and blue to match your iPhone XR purchase, you will have to pay a modest $60 for them, but the lightning port means that they will only work with iPhone and iPad. urBeats3 will be available for sale this fall.

Beats Solo 3 Wireless

Beats Solo 3 Wireless is also getting two new members of the family; Satin Silver and Satin Gold. These headphones will cost a hefty sum of $300. They are known to go on sale quite frequently, so keep your alerts open for price drops!

iPhone XR / XS / XS Phone Cases

Apple produces some sturdy silicone and leather cases for their iPhones, and the new cases do not disappoint. The new cases have aluminum buttons on the sides of the case to protect volume and power buttons.

iPhone XS / XS Max Silicone Cases

The iPhone XS / XS Max silicone cases are available in the following colors and cost $39.

  • Lavender Grey,
  • Stone
  • Midnight Blue
  • Blue Horizon
  • Pink Sand
  • White
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Red

iPhone XS / XS Max Leather Case

The new iPhone XS / XS Max leather cases are available in the following colors and cost $49.

  • Black
  • Red
  • Saddle Brown
  • Midnight Blue
  •  Taupe
  • Cape Code Blue
  • Peony Pink
  • Forest Green

iPhone XS / XS Max Leather Folio Case

You can also go for iPhone XS / XS Max leather folio cases in the below colors. These cost $99/$129 for XS and XS Max, respectively.

  • Black
  • Red
  • Cape Code Blue
  • Peony Pink
  • Forest Green

You can pre-order the cases right now to make sure you have some protection for your phone.