Reeder 4 RSS app for macOS released as beta with iCloud Sync, UI updates & more

Reeder, the popular RSS reading app for macOS, is getting a new version 4 release. The update is currently available as a public beta and contains new features which include read later with iCloud Sync, article lists with images, support for macOS Mojave’s Dark Mode, a new image viewer, new layouts, pull-to-refresh and much more.

Reeder 4 macOS

Reeder is one of the best RSS reading apps on any desktop platforms. It used to support Google Reader back in the day, but was updated to support Feedly, Feedbin, Feed Wrangler, FeedHQ and other RSS reading services.

Reeder 4 is available a public beta and has the following features ready to test:

  • Read later service with iCloud sync
  • Image previews in article lists
  • Image viewer
  • Automatic layouts based on your window size. Can be overridden from view.
  • Article reader now uses¬†WKWebview. This is a modern API used to render webpages on iOS and macOS.
  • Reader view now uses¬†Readability.js instead of Mercury reader.
  • Pull-to-refresh to sync articles

There are other features you can discover in the app like an updated design that supports macOS Mojave’s Dark Mode, a new cleaner share menu, updated Preferences design and layout. Even though Reeder already had a dark theme, the new dark mode in Reeder 4 works with Mojave’s global theme switch. You can still manually switch the theme from Reeder’s settings.

I have been using Reeder since 2010 and have not been able to find a better RSS app for iOS or macOS. Even though most people claim that RSS is dead, it is still my preferred way of reading news and Reeder has always made it easy and seamless. The app’s beautiful and minimalist design, user experience, typography and support for the latest iOS and macOS features have been the main reasons for me to keep using it throughout these years.

Reeder 4’s public beta is available to download for free. However, the final version which likely require purchase. There’s no update announced for iOS yet.