Prices of all Apple products announced at September 12 Event

If you are curious about the prices of all the products that Apple announced during their September 12 event, we have you covered. We will provide you a breakdown of all iPhone XS, XS Max and iPhone XR variants, as well as all Apple Watch Series 4 variants, with their respective prices, so that you can better decide your next purchase.

iPhone XR and Apple Watch Series 4 Prices

The prices below are listed in USD ($), so keep in mind, the prices WILL vary from one region to the next. These also do not include a lot of other figures like taxes, which can influence differences in price.

iPhone XS iPhone XS MaxiPhone XR
64 GB$999$1,049$749
128 GBN/AN/A$799
256 GB$1,149$1,249$899
512 GB$1,349$1,449N/A

If you are curious about the price for the new iPhones in your respective region and local currency, you can head to your region’s Apple website and pre-order the phone to see local prices. You can also head to your nearest Apple store for further details.

Apple Watch
Apple Watch
Apple Watch Nike

Apple Watch Nike 44mmApple Watch Hermès 40mmApple Watch Hermès 44mm
With GPS $399$429$399$429N/AN/A
With GPS + Cellular$499$529$499$529$1,249$1,299

Now let’s talk about Apple Watch Series 4. revealed at the event. The pricing for these watches is a bit complex, when compared to iPhones and iPads. Not only are there 3 models of Apple Watch: regular, Nike and Hermès, they have different watch size, case material and band type combinations available, which means that there is a huge variety of different price points. The prices in the table above are the starting prices for the respective Apple Watch models. To find the right Apple Watch model that you want, head to Apple’s website to find the combination that you are looking and check its price.

Note that Apple Watch Series 4 Hermès is only available with GPS + Cellular Connectivity. Cellular connectivity depends on availability with your carrier. Please check their website for details on the monthly charges for your watch’s data plan.

With all these prices set before you, what are your thoughts on the latest Apple products? Let us know your next purchase from from the tech giant!