Post to multiple Instagram accounts at the same time

Instagram app for iPhone and Android has received a new update which allows users to publish the same post to multiple accounts at the same time. This should help users who have multiple accounts logged in on their Instagram app and want to share the same photo or video on all their accounts. Users can manually select which accounts they want to publish their content on from the upload screen.

How to post to multiple Instagram accounts at the same time

If you have used TweetDeck in the past, this feature will be easy to understand. You simply go the new post screen and craft your post in the usual manner. In the last screen, there is a new section titled ‘Post to Other Accounts‘ which lets you select or deselect other Instagram accounts that you are logged in on the app. When you tap share, the post will be published to all the selected accounts, with the same caption, location and hashtag.

Instagram post to other accounts

However, unlike TweetDeck, you cannot schedule posts yet. Scheduling seems like the next logical update to this feature.

Note that this feature does not allow users to re-post or ‘regram’ other user’s posts to their feed though. That is something Instagram only supports for Stories i.e. you can regram any post in your feed to your Story. However, the company is still against regrams in the main Instagram feed.

Concerns about posting to multiple accounts

During an era where Twitter removed the ability for publishers to cross-post to multiple accounts at the same time, it is interesting to see that Instagram has provided this ability to users. While it gives an advantage to users who manage multiple accounts, it also makes it very easy for users to spam Instagram. Just a while back, Instagram had addressed inauthentic activity issues but along with fake likes and fake followers, this adds another possible issue to fix for the popular social media app.

In case you use Instagram, you would have noticed tons of memes and other useless content exist on Instagram now. What was once considered a photography first platform has just become a generic content sharing platform. By providing an easy way of posting the same content on multiple accounts, Instagram is also making it easy for content mills to spam the platform.