Apple’s hilarious new ad shows employees creating a pizza box

Apple has released a new video on YouTube titled The Underdogs. The ad is based around a fictional story of how different Apple employees work together to design a pizza box. The film aims to show how Apple products are used in work environments for seamless collaboration across different device types. Mac, iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch and ARKit make appearances throughout the video to show …

Gmail gets new Scheduling and Smart Compose updates on its 15th birthday

On its 15th birthday, Gmail received a bunch of updates for its scheduling and smart compose features. Dynamic email support is also being rolled out for desktop browsers, which will allow users to perform actions right from within Gmail, instead of switching tabs. Scheduling and smart compose are rolling out for both desktop browsers and Android devices, while iOS devices will get the updates soon.

Use iMessage on Android with AirMessage

Although iMessage is not available for Android phones and tablets, it hasn’t stopped developers from coming up with workarounds. A new app called AirMessage allows users to use their Mac as a server to use iMessages on Android. The best thing about this workaround is that users don’t have to login to any third-party service and the connection is directly established between their Mac and …

Facebook now tells you why you are seeing a post

Facebook has introduced a new change which lets users know why they are seeing a particular post in their newsfeed, be it a photo, video, status update, shared URL or anything else. This information helps users understand what data Facebook used to show that post and also gives quick options to manage what they see in their feed moving forward.

Apple cancels AirPower because it did not meet their standards

Apple has announced the cancellation of the much-awaited AirPower wireless charging mat. The company says that the reason for cancellation is because AirPower did not meet their high standards. Announced originally in September 2017, during the iPhone X launch event, AirPower was expected to push the Qi standard forward by supporting fast charging for multiple devices at the same time.

watchOS 5.2 released with ECG and irregular rhythm notification in more countries

Apple has released watchOS 5.2 for Apple Watch, with ECG app and irregular rhythm notification expanded to 20 countries and regions. Apple has received the necessary approvals and clearances to market the Apple Watch with the ECG app feature, in these new locations. Along with the United States, ECG readings are now available in 23 countries and regions around the world.