Samsung fines brand ambassador $1.6M after she is caught using an iPhone X

Brand ambassadors using competitor’s phones in public is a common occurrence all over the world. However, this was an exceptional case for Ksenia Sobchak in Russia who is a recognized journalist, a celebrity, the host to a reality TV show, a politician and is also rumored to be the goddaughter of Russian President Vladimir Putin. She’s a Samsung brand ambassador and was caught using an iPhone X.

Tim Cook addresses need for transparency between consumers and companies

Speaking at the 40th International Conference of Data Protection & Privacy Commissioners held in Brussels, Apple CEO Tim Cook highlighted the need for better transparency between consumer and corporations when it comes to data. Speaking on the matter, The Apple CEO highlighted instances where data can be misused for manipulation or malicious purposes without the individual’s knowledge.

Stardew Valley is now available for iOS

Stardew Valley is one of this year’s underrated indie gems and is now available on iPhone and iPad. It isn’t a game with a linear story, nor does it force you to follow one. You make your own story as you start off with a farm that was passed down to you from your deceased Grandfather along with his old tools to look after it. …