NightOwl for macOS Mojave automatically switches Dark Mode based on time

NightOwl for macOS is a free app which sits in the menu bar and lets users switch to Dark Mode with just one click. It also allows users to schedule dark mode to enable or disabled based on sunrise/sunset timings in their location or based on specific timings. Users can also configure selected apps to stay in light mode, even if macOS Mojave is in Dark Mode. All these are features that are not included in macOS Mojave by default.

NightOwl for macOS Dark Mode

We have covered Dark Mode in macOS Mojave extensively before. It is perhaps the the first feature that most users notice and use after upgrading to macOS Mojave. However, like most things Apple, there aren’t many user options available with this feature. You just go to System Preferences> General and change appearance to Dark. For developers, there are options available to switch their app’s appearance with the global macOS appearance setting so that when you switch to dark mode, all compatible apps will also switch to a dark theme. Some apps have a built-in option to override this switch, but that’s up to the developers to add this to their apps.

With NightOwl, you can quick toggle between Light or Dark appearance in Mojave. The app sits in the menu bar and allows for quick access. Additionally, you can do the following:

  • Sunrise/Sunset. Enable the app to automatically switch to a dark theme when it is sunset and back to the light theme with its sunrise. When you enable this option, the app will request location access and accordingly fetch the timings for sunrise/sunset in your location.
  • Scheduled. This lets you set times manually for light and dark modes.
  • Always stay light. You can select the apps here that you want to always appear in light mode, even if macOS is in dark mode.

NightOwl app for macOS Mojave

There are a few additional options in the app which let you set it to run on boot, play a sound and select a hotkey to switch mode.

NightOwl app for macOS Mojave Options

The beauty of NightOwl is that it extends functionality of a macOS feature that Apple didn’t provide many controls for. Despite its functionality, the app is available for free. If you use the app and like it, make sure to leave a donation to the developer who has done a wonderful job on the app and has been supporting it continuously. Till now, he has released 8 updates with bug fixes and feature additions.

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