Here are the new watch faces coming to Apple Watch Series 4

Apple Watch Series 4 was announced during the company’s event on September 12 at Steve Jobs Theater in Apple Park. To take advantage of the larger display, Apple has updated existing watch faces, and created new ones. Here is a quick rundown of all the new ones in Apple’s Series 4, Nike+ and Hermès watches.

The biggest change in Series 4 is improved implementation of complications, bite-sized data presented to you on watch faces. If you want to remeasure your heartbeat after a rigorous workout, your last measured heart rate will show on the watch face in a graph, ready for you to tap and get a fresh reading. This has been vastly improved over what it used to be in previous iterations of the Apple Watch, as complications had limited space to work with. The new Infograph watch face supports up to 4c complications and shortcuts to apps and contacts, and really does a great job of showcasing the larger screen size.

The Apple Watch Series 4 Watchface Options

A new Breathe watch face has animations which are linked to deep breaths. The third new category watch faces is motion faces. These have immersive animations which include vapor, liquid metal, fire and water, which look great on the large screen.

Here are a few videos of the new faces in action.

If you go for the Nike+ watch face or the rather high-end option offered by Hermès, you get some new watch faces, which are restricted to these respective watch models. The watch face in Nike+ version can be customized to match the new band colors that it will be available with.

Apple Watch Nike

The background in the new Hermès watch face shifts colors with the tick of the clock, which makes it look gorgeous.

Apple Watch Hermes

Both Nike+ and Hermès will also support Infograph, Breath and motion watch faces, along with the older ones updated for the larger screen. Coupled with watchOS 5, the larger display and watch faces make Series 4 a very attractive upgrade for existing smartwatch owners.