New Material Design Gmail update rolling out for iOS and Android

Google has started rolling out a new material design update for Gmail on iOS and Android, with a number of new features. These features include slick animations, improved switching between multiple accounts, quick attachment viewing, phishing alerts and an overall nicer look and feel. The redesign was announced back in January.

Gmail App Material Design

When you open the new redesigned app, you are greeted with a pop-up, where you can chose from the new views. These views include:

  • Default – this view will show the sender’s profile picture, a preview with multiple lines from the email and attachments.
  • Comfortable – this view shows sender’s profile picture and a preview with multiple lines from the email. This is more dense than the default view.
  • Compact – in this view, you only see the email subject and one line in the preview. This is the most information dense view out of them all, but it comes at a cost of less visuals.

If you have been using the updated Gmail redesign for desktop browsers, these options would seem familiar.

Google has also added new animations throughout the user interface, specially when you tap the search button. These are based on the material design guidelines and look really nice.

The new app also changes how you switch between multiple accounts. The option has moved to the top right corner of the UI. Tapping on this option opens a menu which lets users switch between the accounts. However, the problem with this update is that unless you have uniquely identifiable profile pictures for different accounts, there’s no other way to tell which account you’re on. Opening the side menu doesn’t show the email address of the account you’re currently viewing.Gmail app iOS

Lastly, Google now shows a big red warning if it detects that you have received a suspicious email. Normally such emails will end up in the junk folder, but if they don’t, Gmail will still alert the user to help them make the right choice.

If you have the latest update on your iOS or Android device and don’t see the new design right away, force close and restart the app a few times to see it.