New iPad Pro ad tries to answer why it is better than other computers

Apple has released a new ad for iPad Pro titled ‘5 Reasons iPad Pro can be your next computer’. As the name suggests, the ad lists 5 benefits of using the iPad Pro which include performance, versatility, connectivity, ease-of-use and Apple Pencil support.

iPad Pro Smart Keyboard

5 Reasons iPad Pro can be your next computer

The ad starts with Apple’s focus on iPad Pro’s performance and their claim that its faster than 90% of PCs sold in the market. Better performance means better graphics, gaming and just general performance. Since the iPad has as beautiful display, a camera and is extremely thin, its versatility is the second reason. The ad suggest that it can be used as a scanner, notepad, cinema, book, video editor and a computer. The third reason is connectivity due to LTE support. Of course, this comes with extra price and is also available on other devices but Apple won’t mention that in their ad.

Ease-of-use is perhaps one of the biggest reasons why iPads are used and even kids know how to use them. This is the fourth reason in the ad and is supported by features like gestures, multitasking, drag-and-drop, split-view and more. Many of these are not really easy-to-use features though. The final reason in the ad is Apple Pencil, which supports drawing, writing and new double tap gestures. The ad ends with the line ‘like a computer unlike any computer’, which is pretty interesting as it reflects reality. The iPad Pro is so much unlike other computers that people still find them inadequate for many uses.

Oddly, Apple did not list down FaceID in their reasons to use iPad Pro.

iPad Pro – powerful hardware held back by software

It is no secret that 2018 iPad Pro has the power to out-perform most PCs in the market, thanks to its A12X Bionic chip. However, all iPad Pro reviews highlighted the same issue with the performance: the software just is not there yet. At the moment, iOS is actually holding back the true potential of iPad Pro as the primary computer for most users. With features like multitasking, Siri Shortcuts, Apple has been slowly improving iOS, but on the larger screen, it does not outshine competitors.Like a computer unlike any computer iPad Pro

As per rumors, iOS 13 will have a redesigned home screen, which might make it the biggest update to Apple’s mobile operating system. Perhaps, that is also when Apple will release their own professional apps like Final Cut Pro for  iPad Pro.