New Finder and Quick Look features in macOS Mojave

macOS Mojave 10.14 brought about some new improvements to Finder and Quick Look which aim to improve productivity and workflows. Finder now has a new preview pane which provides quick access to file previews, metadata, tagging and Quick Actions. On the other hand, Quick Look now sports editing and sharing tools right in its user interface, which normally require Preview app to be used. Here’s our in-depth look at all the new features in Finder and Quick Look.

Finder updates in macOS Mojave

Gallery View

Apple has replaced the old Cover Flow view with a new Gallery View in Finder. Cover Flow was a popular view that was used on iPods, iPhones and macOS and Finder was the last place where it still existed in the pre-macOS Mojave era.

The idea behind Gallery View is similar to Filmstrip view in Windows XP. It shows a thumbnail list at the bottom, while the currently selected item is shown in a large preview. Gallery View can be enabled/disabled by pressing the fourth button in View or pressing Command + 4.

Finder Gallery View macOS Mojave


The new Preview in Finder, accessible by pressing Shift + Command + P, shows a small preview of the currently selected file. Any related metadata for the file is also shown in Preview. For example, if you select an image, its dimensions, color space, color profile and other such information will be shown.

Finder Quick Actions macOS Mojave

Quick Actions

Below the metadata, Apple has added new Quick Actions buttons. This is something that reminds me of Windows XP again as it used to show quick action links in the sidebar in Windows Explorer. The buttons let you perform simple actions like rotate images, trim clips or open Markup. You can click More.. to reveal more actions.

Third-party apps can also create Quick Actions which can be enabled or disabled from from System Preferences > Extensions > Finder.


Another useful addition to Preview is tagging. You can easily select, add/remove tags from your files from Preview, without opening any other menu. The addition of tags in the Preview IU makes it really easy to get into a habit of organizing files. Finder Preview Tagging macOS Mojave

Quick Look updates in macOS Mojave

Quick Look has some updates that might no be as important as the ones for Finder. Apple has basically taken some of the features that you use in Markup and Preview, and added them to Quick Look. So now, when you press space bar on a file, you can see some options like image rotation or trim video clip. An edit button opens up more options, while a sharing button opens the system-side share menu.

Quicklook macOS Mojave

The tools that open after clicking the edit button are the same as Preview. While this makes it easy to quickly crop images or do various edits and annotations, I don’t see why users can’t simply do the same in Preview.

Quicklook Markup macOS Mojave

Overall, the new features, specially for Finder, can really improve your workflow and help you do more in less clicks.

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