Apple shows off new diverse emojis coming to iOS 13, iPadOS & macOS Catalina in 2019

Apple has announced that it will be adding new diverse and inclusive emojis to iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple Watch and Mac, this fall. These emojis include a number of disability-themed emojis, animals emojis, food emojis and much more. In total, 59 new emojis will be making their way this fall to iOS 13, iPadOS, macOS Catalina and watchOS 6.

Apple creates emojis based on its proposals to the Unicode Consortium. These latest emojis are based on Unicode 12.0, which is also used by other tech giants in the industry. Apple shared some of the new emojis on their website, which will be available on its devices later this year.

The company is adding wheelchairs, hearing aids, prosthetics, guide dogs and similar emojis to promote diversity.

Day Disability Leg Hearing Emojis iOS 13

Disability Arm Dog Emojis iOS 13

Holding Hands emojis have also received some new additions with a mix of different genders and skin tones. Users can now select from 75 holding hand emoji combinations to use the exact emoji they want.

Gender Holding Hands iOS 13


Animals like sloth, flamingo, skunk and orangutan are also part of the new emojis, along with food like falafel, waffle, butter and garlic.Animals Emoji iOS 13 Food Emojis iOS 13

There are also some other random new emojis like a yawning face, one-piece swimsuit, saari, parachute, kite, yo-yo and more.

Yawning Face Clothes iOS 13

Activites Emoji iOS 13

Since these emojis are part of the Unicode standard, expect other platforms like Windows and Android, as well as popular websites like Facebook and Twitter to add support for them soon.

Apple is currently beta testing iOS 13, iPadOS, macOS Catalina, tvOS 13 and watchOS 6 with developers and public beta testers. After announcing new OS updates at WWDC, Apple usually spends a few months beta testing these major updates and releases them in September for all compatible devices.

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