Netflix lets iOS users share TV shows & Movies to Instagram Stories

Netflix has launched a new feature for their iOS app which lets users share the thumbnail or artwork of any movie or TV Show to their Instagram story. In an Instagram Story, the artwork appears with a direct link to the movie or TV show on Netflix. This link can be accessed by viewers on any platform: iOS, Android, macOS or Windows. Users can decorate the artwork with text, stickers or any other effects offered by Instagram to make their recommendations expressive and entertaining.

Netflix Instagram Stories

Sharing movies or TV shows is easy: just tap on the information icon within the Netflix app to access the share menu. Select Instagram from the list of sharing mediums and the app will automatically open Instagram with the image, ready to be shared via a story or direct message. The app allows users to add comments, stickers, text or other effects to the Story before sharing.

Netflix Story

In today’s media dynamics, one can not refute the reach and impact of social media as an effective and efficient advertising and marketing tool. Instagram is a very popular app with millions of daily users. According to reports, Instagram had reached 1 billion monthly active users by June, 2018. Therefore, for Netflix to use the app’s popularity and daily activity to reach a wider audience and create strong social media presence, can be deemed as a very smart move.

Netflix’s spokesperson told Variety:

We’re always on the lookout for ways to make it easier for members to share the Netflix titles they’re obsessing about and help them discover something new to watch” and hope that their iOS subscribers enjoy the feature.

This statement shines a light on the company’s direction to use social media to market its service. Therefore, with this launch, Netflix adds Instagram to the list of platforms where you can share content: Facebook, WhatsApp, iMessage, Messenger, Twitter and Snapchat.

At the moment, Instagram Story sharing is only available through Netflix iOS app through an update. Android users will have to wait for a bit as Netflix spokesperson said that plans to release a similar feature for Android are in the pipeline.