macOS 10.15 will include new Music, Podcasts, TV and Books apps

Apple will release new apps with macOS 10.15 which will include Music, Podcasts, TV and a redesigned Books app. The apps will likely be based on the new UIKit platform that was used to create Marzipan apps like News, Home, Stocks and Voice Memos in macOS Mojave. This will mean that the apps will have the same features as their iOS and tvOS counterparts but if the quality of the apps in macOS Mojave is anything to go by, there’s enough reason to be concerned.

The idea that Apple is working on these apps was first put forward by Steve Troughton-Smith, a popular developer known to be able to dig deep into Apple’s operating systems and find news and details on future products. He tweeted that Apple is planning UIKit based Music, Podcasts, Book and TV apps to join the existing Marzipan apps, in macOS 10.15.

This was later confirmed by 9to5mac via sources that Apple is indeed working on these new apps. The website also went on to share that the new Books app will be a redesigned app which suggests that it’ll get the same new look and feel as its iOS version. As per the website, the app will have a similar layout the News app in macOS, with the same sidebar. It will also feature a title bar with different tabs for Library, Book Store and Audiobook Store. The Library tab will host user’s Books, Audiobooks, PDFs and other collections.

9to5mac also shared the below icons for the Podcasts and TV apps.

macOS 10.15 apps

Since some of iTunes features will be available in other apps like TV, Podcasts and Music, it is expected that iTunes app will become less useful. Apple already removed the ability to browse and purchase iOS apps from iTunes, which was not a welcome move since you can’t do the same in a browser. However, iTunes is the only way to backup and sync iOS devices with computers so it is expected that Apple will keep the app for some time. One can’t help but wonder whether iTunes for Windows will also get rid of Music and Podcasts or will Apple keep two separate versions of the app for macOS and Windows.

Apple already announced a new TV app for macOS which should be available with macOS 10.14.5. At the time of writing, Apple has yet to include the new TV app in macOS 10.14.5 betas.

WWDC 2019 is shaping up to be an interesting event. With the new apps for macOS 10.15, expected major iOS 13 updates for iPad, availability of Marzipan to third party developers and Mac Pro reveal, there is a lot to expect from Apple’s developer event this year.