Apple is working an a Mac-to-iPad display extension feature for macOS 10.15

Apple is working on a new feature for macOS 10.15 which would lets users use an iPad as an external display with their Mac. This feature would also work with other external displays by enabling quick and easy window management. There are many third-party solutions currently available that enable this functionality, but having it as part of the operating system, without spending any money, would be a great addition for users.

macOS 10.15 external display

9to5mac has posted yet another scoop regarding Apple’s upcoming operating system updates. Expected to be announced at WWDC 2019, macOS 10.15 is shaping up to be an interesting release. Previously, reports claimed that macOS 10.15 will ship with new Music, Podcasts, TV and Books apps. These apps will be based on Marzipan and will have many improvements over the first-generation Marzipan apps that shipped with macOS Mojave 10.14. These improvements will include better Split View controls on Mac and user interface enhancements.

Extending a Mac display to iPad is not something new. Third-party apps and products like Air Display, Luna Display, Duet Display and many more have allowed users to use their iPad as an external display with Macs. However, since these are all third-party solutions, they always cost extra money or have issues like lag. Apple is going to sherlock these apps and make display output to iPad, a native macOS 10.15 feature.

The feature is codenamed ‘Sidercar’ internally at Apple. A new menu will appear after hovering over the green button in macOS app windows. This menu will allow users to send that app window to an external display, tile it or make it fullscreen. This feature will work with both iPads and monitors, when they are connected as external displays.

Users will also be able to take advantage of the touch display on iPads and effectively use them as drawing tablets thanks to Apple Pencil. The low latency touch input of Apple Pencil along with the high refresh rate on iPads will make these great alternatives to Wacom tablets. 9to5mac also says that window snapping, similar to Windows, will also be part of the new features. Currently on macOS, long pressing the green button in app windows allows users to use apps in Split View. However, this make both apps appear in fullscreen mode.

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