Luxurious Apple Watch Edition line-up is dead

With the announcement of the Apple Watch Series 4, it seems Apple has put the final nail in the coffin for the Edition line of their wearable.

RIP Apple Watch Edition

This series is not to be confused with the Hermès variant of the Watch Series which start at a $1000+ price tag. These were the watches which started at $10,000 and went as high as $17,000 for the original Apple Watch, with your choice of 18-Karat rose or yellow gold.

Apple Watch Series 1 Gold Edition

When Apple Watch Series 2 rolled out, Apple released a limited edition ceramic version of the watch, with the design being replicated for the Apple Watch Series 2 & 3. Thankfully, Apple marketed these at 1/10th of the cost of its predecessor, but still a very shocking price of $1,299.

Apple Watch Series 2 Ceramic Edition

Apple Watch Series 3 Ceramic Edition

With the recent reveal of Apple Watch Series 4, it seems that the company has definitely abandoned the prospect of the Apple Watch Edition as they did not reveal any premium edition for the smartwatch outside of what is being offered under the Hermès brand. It seems that Apple has preserved the uniformity of the body with aluminum and stainless steel look for the latest wearable with no variations to the appearance anywhere on the horizon. Even though Series 3 is still being sold, the Edition version is missing from the website.

Considering how there was hype for the Apple Watch Editions only when they were launched, and we heard nothing of them after, we can take this as a hint that the luxury line failed to garner the attention that the company was aiming for. Perhaps this is why Apple has decided to focus on just the regular Apple Watch and its Nike and Hermès variants.

Perhaps, Apple might release an upgraded Edition model down the road, with Series 4 internals. You never know. Meanwhile, you can get a gold Series 4, if you want to go for a luxurious look. Unfortunately, Series 4 Hermès watches are not available in gold color so that’s out of the question.