List of TVs which will get AirPlay 2, iTunes and HomeKit support

In a surprising move, Apple and companies including Samsung, LG, Sony and Vizio announced that they will be introducing AirPlay 2 and HomeKit support as well as an iTunes app to their televisions. The new features will be rolled out to a number of 2019 models, as well as selected TV models from 2018 and 2017. Not all companies will be adding HomeKit support though. If you are looking to upgrade your TV to an Apple ecosystem compatible one, here’s a list of AirPlay 2 compatible TVs you can buy.

So why is Apple doing this now, after all these years? The answer is simple. Apple is gearing up for their upcoming video service. Netflix is already available on almost every Internet connected TV and the only way to compete against the giant is by being available on all platforms too. The other obvious step is to have great content that people want to watch and pay for.

Apple is a company usually known for keeping their ecosystem closed so this is a bold new step for them. AirPlay has historically been limited to just a few devices, including Apple TV and some third-party speakers. However, with AirPlay support in televisions, iOS and macOS users will be able to output music, video, photos as well as share their screen without the need of additional hardware. If you know how Chromecast built-in works with TVs, this will work in exactly the same way, but probably better because AirPlay is supported by a large ecosystem of iOS apps including Apple Music, YouTube, Netflix and countless more.

AirPlay 2 TVs

A new iTunes app will also allow users to buy and rent movies and TV shows right from their TV. Apple has the best selection of video content on iTunes around the world and this is great news for users. iTunes also works with┬áMovies Anywhere so you wouldn’t have to be restricted to just Apple’s content store.

Lastly, HomeKit, Apple’s smart devices platform will also be available on these televisions, except for the ones by Samsung. Users would be able to add these TVs to their Home app and use them in different scenes and automations. Creating a movie night scene to automatically dim the lights and turn on the TV would be possible thanks to HomeKit. Users could also talk to Siri to turn on the TV. This means that your Apple Watch, HomePod, iPhone, iPad or Mac will all be able to control your TV.

Thanks to Apple’s strict stance on privacy, none of these televisions will be able to use their tracking features with the iTunes app so your viewing history will be safe and not used for ads.

AirPlay 2 Compatible Televisions

  • LG OLED (2019)
  • LG NanoCell SM9X series (2019)
  • LG NanoCell SM8X series (2019)
  • LG UHD UM7X series (2019)
  • Samsung QLED Series (2019 and 2018)
  • Samsung 8 Series (2019 and 2018)
  • Samsung 7 Series (2019 and 2018)
  • Samsung 6 Series (2019 and 2018)
  • Samsung 5 Series (2019 and 2018)
  • Samsung 4 Series (2019 and 2018)
  • Sony Z9G Series (2019)
  • Sony A9G Series (2019)
  • Sony X950G Series (2019)
  • Sony X850G Series (2019 85″, 75″, 65″ and 55″ models)
  • Vizio P-Series Quantum (2019 and 2018)
  • Vizio P-Series (2019, 2018 and 2017)
  • Vizio M-Series (2019, 2018 and 2017)
  • Vizio E-Series (2019, 2018 and 2017)
  • Vizio D-series (2019, 2018 )

If you already have one of these TV models, you should expect a firmware update anytime this year to get support for AirPlay 2, HomeKit (except for Samsung TVs) and iTunes app.