Jumbo app lets you gain control of your privacy on social networks

Jumbo is a new privacy assistant app for iPhone that lets users take control of their data and privacy on social networks, websites and services like Twitter, Facebook, Alexa and Google. The app lets user delete old search and voice queries from Google and Alexa, old tweets from Twitter and restrict ad and privacy settings for content on Facebook.

Jumbo privacy assistant

Jumbo is an app by Pierre Valade, who had previously created the amazing calendar app Sunrise, which was bought by Microsoft. The app has a simple and beautiful user interface and makes it easy for users to perform actions that would otherwise take hours or days. The app currently supports Twitter, Facebook, Google and Amazon Alexa. Support for Instagram and Tinder is coming soon.

Here’s everything you can do with Jumbo:

  • Twitter – you can delete and archive your old tweets with Jumbo. You can chose to delete tweets that are older than 1 day, 1 week, 1 month or 3 months. The old tweets are backed up in the app on your iPhone and can easily be viewed later from the Memories tab. Jumbo will add support for backing up the tweets to iCloud and Dropbox in the future. Note that you can only delete 3,200 tweets at a time due to API limitations so if you tweet a lot, the whole process might take some time.
  • Facebook – the medium setting lets you restrict information that is visible by your friends as well as ads, and also disable face recognition. If you select the strong setting, all your information will be restricted from being viewed by your friends. The app will not delete any data from Facebook though.
  • Google Search – the app lets you delete your searches by using any of the following options: all searches or searches older than 1 day, 1 week or 1 month.
  • Amazon Alexa – you can delete all your Alexa voice recordings. Considering that they are most likely being heard by thousands of humans, it’s best to do so.

Jumbo is so focused on privacy that they don’t store any user data on their servers. They don’t even get users to create an account with them. The app does need to authenticate with third-party services that users chose to clean up, but that’s about it. Here’s what the official announcement says:

The first decision we made while building Jumbo is, unlike other internet services, we do not have any server-side storage (“in the cloud”) or processing of your data (we cannot see anything we clean for you). All your data never leaves your iPhone, and is never stored or processed in a remote server (of course, except the server of the original service, like Facebook’s servers)

Jumbo is available for free for iPhone while an Android version will be released in a few months. If you are conscious about your privacy, and you should be, this is a good app to have on your phone.

Download Jumbo for iPhone