Juice adds a Home app inspired Bluetooth manager to macOS

Juice is a Bluetooth device manager for macOS and lets users access their devices from MacBook Pro Touch Bar, Notification Center as well as menu bar. The app shows battery status as well as other device and connectivity details for devices. It is also customizable and even supports macOS Mojave’s Dark mode. The app looks very similar to Apple’s Home app, which is used to manage HomeKit compatible devices.

Juice - Bluetooth Manager for macOS

At first glance, Juice app looks like an exact design replica of Apple’s Home app. Devices are listed in the same style, along with their icons, name and other relevant details. For devices which support it, Juice also shows their battery status. This is really helpful as it quickly shows which devices need to be charged.

Juice app for macOS

Right clicking on any of these device tiles shows a pop over UI, which contains meta-data for the that device. It shows battery charge, Bluetooth connection details, device and manufacturer information and more. There is also an option to record a keyboard shortcut, which can be used to instantly connect to the Bluetooth device.

Juice app device details

Apart from the main app UI, Juice can be accessed from the Touch Bar on MacBook Pro, menu bar icon, and Notification Center widget. The Touch Bar icon lets users connect to their devices while the Notification Center widget shows device name and battery status, just like AirBuddy.

The app’s preferences allow you to enable/disable connectivity notifications, launch the app at login, record a keyboard shortcut to open it, select which devices to show in Touch Bar and much more. The dark theme can be manually changed as it matches the theme you are using in macOS Mojave.

For a price of $5.99, this app might not be for everyone. However, if you usually have many Bluetooth devices connected to your Mac, this app can be really handy to track their battery and connectivity status. The app’s use of global keyboard shortcuts to connect to devices can also be really handy.

Download Juice for macOS