Is the iPhone XS Max 512GB worth $1,499?

It’s not a secret that Apple has been continuously increasing iPhone prices, since some time now. While iPhones were always priced well above the market average for top tier smartphones, they still were reasonably affordable, thanks to cellular contracts and Apple’s trade in programs. While 2017 was the year where Apple broke the $999 ceiling as the starting price for an iPhone, in 2018, Apple has introduced an iPhone that costs up to $1,499. This is the iPhone XS Max 512 GB version, which costs $1,499 in the United States and a lot more in rest of the world.

As usual, bloggers, analysts and journalists try to dissect the price and the rationale behind it as to whether the cost is justified. An interesting metric I saw over the past few years is that certain people were breaking down the cost of an iPhone, per day to justify the spend. For example, a $999 iPhone X costs just $2.73/day when you divide $999/365 days. Of course, this cost of ownership formula never considers that cellar data and talk time expenses.

With this year’s iPhone XS Max 512 GB, people wonder who would be buying a smartphone for $1,499. Specifically, why would anybody need a 512 GB phone? It’s difficult enough to run out of space on a 256 GB iPhone, with lots of 4K videos and photos. I would know, I had 4,000+ videos and photos on my 256 GB phone.

Thanks to John Gruber, an interesting comparison has come up via Twitter. Alex B compares iPhone XS Max with a MacBook Pro 13 to claim that it’s not so expensive. While I will not go into details as to whether this is an apples to oranges comparison, I think it is an interesting thought exercise.

I decided to expand on this comparison further, and add display sizes for these devices. After all, size does matter, doesn’t it?

iPhone XS Mac vs MacBook Pro

But, this doesn’t seem like a complete comparison. After all, there are more products that exist in the market for this price range. So, I went ahead and added another product to the list, which is really close to iPhone XS’s category of devices, when compared to a MacBook Pro – Samsung’s 512 GB Note 9, which costs $1,250.

iPhone XS Mac vs MacBook Pro vs Samsung Note 9

I did not stop here though. There was one more product we could add to this comparison. Coincidentally, one of the most popular Windows laptops, Huawei MateBook X Pro, also costs around $1,499, if you buy its 512 GB version.

iPhone XS Max vs MacBook Pro vs Note 9 vs Huawei MateBook X

While consumers who buy a 512 GB iPhone XS Max would know what they’re buying and will have a pretty good reason to buy one, I’m certain it will not be based on the above comparisons. However, if you want to gauge the value of the device, based on pure numbers. this comparison should help anybody understand where the 512 GB iPhone XS Max stands.