iPhone XS Max rated as second best smartphone camera by DXOMark

iPhone XS has been making headlines, whether for its best smartphone display, or for its charging issues. In the latest news, Apple’s newest flagship smartphone has been awarded the second spot on DXOMark’s smartphone camera ratings. DXOMark is a popular website which compares all popular cameras and ranks them based on their performance.

iPhone XS Max manages to check all the right boxes for shooting still photos. The phone has been praised by DXOMark for its zoom performance which is said to be leaps and bounds ahead of iPhone X. In addition, the phone captures photos with accurate color reproduction. Combined with iPhone XS’ Smart HDR, the photos captured had more detail than most other smartphones.

Capturing the right image using the A12 Bionic

DXOMark also praised the phone’s ability to record outstanding video in bright light, with superb dynamic range, great scenic detail, and realistic colors. This was already a match made in heaven when combined with the phones internal image stabilization system which makes sporadic camera movement practically non-existent.┬áThe iPhone XS Max had managed to impress Hollywood Director Jon M. Chu who used the phone, without any additional equipment, to record a shot-film.

Backlit Smart HDR capture 1

Despite all the camera upgrades in iPhone XS, there are some weak points as discovered during testing. According to DXOMark, they found abundance of luminance noise and loss in quality when photos were zoomed in, compared to other phones. In addition, there was also some critique on how the phone had minor faults in various scenarios:

  • Images taken with flash were underexposed
  • High-contrast shots had shadow areas present
  • The presence of noise in low-light conditions also made the phone fall short

The ranking is an achievement for iPhone XS, and Apple’s upgrades to the lens, sensor, ISP and smart algorithms seem to have paid off for both still photography and video recording.┬áLast year, iPhone X had scored 97 points on DXOMark’s rating system and it currently ranks number 9. The first place is held by Huawei P20 Pro with 109 Points, the second place is occupied by iPhone XS Max at 105, and the third place is jointly held by HTC U12+ and Samsung Galaxy Note 9 with 103.

Source: DXOMark