iPhone XS Max goes under the knife in durability test video

iPhone XS Max is scratched with a knife to test its durability, as per a new video on YouTube by JerryRigEverything. Apple claims that this is their strongest glass ever on iPhone and this video puts these claims to the test.

iPhone XS Durability Test

JerryRigEverything is a YouTube channel synonymous with one thing – “I’m gonna wreck it!”. The videos on his channel show him conducting various durability tests on a number of phones. Whether they are budget, mid-range, and even extending to flagship phone price rang, there is no phone out of Jerry’s reach. Throughout the video, Jerry is very vocal about the various marketing gimmicks Apple employs to sell iPhones when talking about the durability of the screen and the back camera glass, but the video is definitely very enlightening to say the least.

If you can’t bear to stand the sight of an iPhone XS Max being scratched by a knife or other tools, then here are the important details from the video.

  • The display screen glass starts showing scratches at level 6, the same level achieved by iPhone X.
  • The stainless steel frame on the body does a great job of protecting against scratches, but doesn’t last against a box cutter.
  • Apple talks about sapphire crystal protecting the camera lens, but Jerry shows scratches at level 6 and 7 from the tool, while a Tissot watch lasts levels 6 and 7. At level 8, there is a deep scratch on the lens cover and a minor dent on the Tissot gold watch, which is the tolerance threshold for pure sapphire crystal.
  • The phone passes the burn test by having a lighter on the screen for over a minute.
  • The phone passed the bed test, due to the strong frame of the phone.

The main takeaway points from here are, make sure you don’t scratch up the screen of the iPhone XS or XS Max, and the same goes for the lens cover of the phone. You should also be careful with the glass back of the phone, which, if broken, can cost a hefty $599 to replace as opposed to $30 for Samsung’s flagship phones. It’s best to invest in a sturdy and durable case for the phone so you don’t face an issue where you have to pay a lot of money for repair.