iPhone XS leaked – larger model to be called Max, gold color and more

The successor to iPhone X will apparently be called iPhone XS, if leaks are to be believed. As rumored before, iPhone XS will be available in a 5.8-inch regular and 6.5-inch plus size variants. The new iPhones will also be available in gold color, which is not new to Apple’s smartphone line-up, but it would be new for iPhone X’s design language, which has only been available in silver and space grey colors.

iPhone Xs Max – September 5

A new report by 9to5mac reveals that the larger premium iPhone Xs model will be named iPhone Xs Max, instead of Plus (It will be pronounced as iPhone ‘Ten’ s Max). 9to5mac confirmed this via two sources who are aware of Apple’s marketing plans. Both premium models will have OLED displays, dual cameras, 4GB RAM, A12 processors and dual-SIM versions.


Say Hello to iPhone XS – August 30

The huge leak comes in the form of marketing material, discovered by the eagle-eyed folks at 9to5mac. As er their discovery, the new iPhone will be called iPhone XS. The leak also confirms that the OLED iPhone XS will be available in two sizes, along with a new gold version. Combined with all the previous rumors, it is all but confirmed that Apple would be radically changing the iPhone line-up this year, by replacing the usual Plus model with a large iPhone X. Apple might even drop the ‘plus’ name from the iPhone brand, as per Bloomberg.

A cheaper LCD based iPhone will also be launched, but it is anybody’s guess if it will be called iPhone 9 or something else. This iPhone will be released in multiple colors to appeal to a wider audience. It will also have a notch and FaceID, just like it’s more expensive siblings.

Along with the design changes, it is expected that the new iPhones will ship with A12 processors, which should leave the competition in dust. It is widely believed that they will be 20-30% faster than current A11 processors, which are still the fastest mobile processors which competition is having a hard time catching up to. Other internal upgrades should include a RAM bump to 4GB, significant camera improvements, dual-SIM support for some markets and so on. Some reports also say that Apple might ditch 3D Touch from all iPhones this year. As a 3D Touch user, I hope that this never happens.

Despite the leaks, we still do not know what would be new in iPhone XS in terms of software features. With every new release, Apple includes some specific iOS features that only work with the latest iPhone hardware. Historically, these have ranged from new interactivity features like 3D Touch, to camera features like Portrait Mode Live Photos, and major game changing features like TouchID and FaceID. Whatever the iPhone XS specific iOS 12 feature would be, we will find out on 12 September at Apple’s special event¬†where new iPhones, Macs, Apple Watch Series 4 and other products will be announced.

To check out how the new iPhones would look like, check out the beautiful concept video below which shows off the larger version, along with a gold color variant.

iPhone XS Wallpaper

If you also love the new wallpaper, you can download it from below, thank to 9to5mac. Click the image to open the full version and save it on your device to use it.


Twitter user AR7 created some similar wallpapers, inspired by the one above. Check out the tweet below to download them.