Carriers who will support iPhone XS eSIM/Dual SIM

iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max will be the first phones by Apple to offer Dual SIM functionality. However, due to their usage of eSIM, the functionality will require support from carriers. Here is a list of carriers around the world that will support eSIM this year.

Carriers with eSIM support for iPhone XSCountries and Operators that Support eSIM

Which Providers Support eSIM in UK

 United Kingdom


Which Providers Support eSIM in US

 United States


T-Mobile USA

Verizon Wireless

Which Providers Support eSIM in EU




Magyar Telekom


Hrvatski Telekom


Vodafone Spain

 Czech Republic





Which Providers Support eSIM in Canada



Along with these carriers, there are two worldwide service providers, which can be used for eSIM, around the world: Truphone and GigaSky.

If you want the Dual SIM experience that Apple is offering for non-China variants of iPhone XS Max, you need to be located in the countries listed above. If you are not in any of these countries, your option is to go for Truphone or GigaSky. Dual SIM support will not work right out of the gate though – Apple will release a software update later this year, which will enable the eSIM to work with supported carriers.

Only iPhone XS Max sold in China will have support for two physical SIMs, allowing users to swap carriers on the fly. It is possible that this special iPhone XS Max model will be available for sale outside of China, via unofficial channels, allowing users from around the world to get their hands on it.

iOS 12 will make it easy to label different carrier networks on iPhone. Users would be able to assign primary and secondary numbers, so that one number can be used for voice and SMS, while other can be used for iMessage, FaceTime and data. Assigning a carrier to the eSIM will be done via QR code scanning or through carrier’s own app. iOS 12 will use DSDS, short for Dual SIM Dual Standby, which will allow both SIMs, nano-SIM and eSIM, to make and receive phone calls an send/receive text messages, at the same time.