iPhone 11 to include next generation Wi-Fi 6/802.11ax standard

Apple’s 2019 iPhone will include next-generation Wi-Fi 6, also known as 802.11ax. This has been predicted in a Barclays report obtained by 9to5mac, which discussed Wi-Fi component vendors. This news come at the same time as we have been learning from other sources like the Wall Street Journal that the successors to iPhone XS and iPhone XR will have 3 and 2 rear cameras, respectively.  

When will iPhone get Wi-Fi 6?

All 3 iPhone models that Apple will ship in 2019 are expected to have support for Wi-Fi 6. It’s not just the new iPhones that will be getting 802.11ax upgrade but Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy series of phones, namely Galaxy S10 and Note 10, will also be getting Wi-Fi 6. Samsung Galaxy S10 will be launching in February.

This is an excerpt from the Barclays report obtained by 9to5mac:

We believe the 2019 iPhone and Galaxy Series features new WiFi 6 (ax), which should be a moderate tailwind for AVGO.

What is 802.11ax or Wi-Fi 6?

802.11ax is the next-generation Wi-Fi standard update, after 802.11ac. 802.11ax will not only bring a noticeable speed improvement but it will enhance efficiency and data throughput. This will have a noticeable improvement on device batteries as devices will be able to transfer a large amount of data in a small time duration, allowing them to quickly switch back to low power states. Wi-Fi 6 will also work better in crowded environments, which should improve networking for smart home devices as well as public wireless access points.

Of course, this will also require wireless access points or Wi-Fi routers to support the standard so that compatible devices can take full advantage of the benefits that 802.11ax offers. For an in-depth analysis, with technical details of 802.11ax, check out hardware zone’s article.


Slide by Intel on the benefits of 802.11ax

During CES, many companies announced laptops which will ship with 802.11ax, however, there aren’t many devices in actual usage with the new standard. 802.11ax will be supported by upcoming Intel and Qualcomm chips too but none of those are out yet. Except the next generation iPhone, iPad, Macs and Apple Watch to support 802.11ax since Apple is never slow to adapt new wireless standards.

via 9to5mac