iPad Pro as fast as 2018 15″ MacBook Pro in Geekbench benchmarks

When Apple announced the new iPad Pro at their October event in Brooklyn, they claimed that it is faster than 92% of PCs sold over the last year. This performance is due to the new 8-core A12X Bionic chip along with the 7-core custom designed GPU, which powers both 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pros. While Apple did not share detailed benchmarks during their keynote to backup their claims, it turns out that they were right. Geekbench benchmarks have been posted online, which confirm that the new iPad Pro is almost as fast as a 2018 15-inch MacBook Pro.

2018 iPad Pro

On the new iPad Pro’s performance, Apple said that the A12X Bionic chip is 35% faster in single core performance and 90% faster in multi-core performance, when compared to the previous generation iPad Pro. In terms of GPU performance, the gains are 100%, compared to last generation.

In benchmarks posted on Geekbench, iPad Pro scores the following:

  • Single-core: 5008
  • Multi-core: 18233

If you look up the scores for 2018 15-inch MacBook Pro with a 6-core Intel Core i7-8850H processor, you see the following:

  • Single-core: 5004
  • Multi-core: 20537

As per the scores, iPad Pro beats the MacBook Pro in single-core performance. In multi-core performance, it is almost 2300 points behind. However, it is important to note that the A12X Bionic chip is packed in a 5.9mm thin enclosure and does not require a fan for cooling. A MacBook Pro with Core i7 ships in a much larger enclosure and requires a dedicated fan for cooling.

The new iPad Pro does not only match the high end MacBook Pro but it also competes strongly on price. A 256GB 11-inch iPad Pro costs $949 and a 256GB 12.9-inch iPad Pro costs $1,149. These are the prices for Wi-Fi versions. When you factor in cost for the Smart Keyboard, which costs $199 for 12.9-inch iPad pro, it is still way cheaper compared to a 256GB 15-inch MacBook Pro, which costs $2,399.

What does this all mean? All this performance means that Apple’s positioning for iPad Pro as a computer works well and it can replace a traditional Windows laptop for many people. Not only can does it allow for the best of productivity and entertainment, it does it faster than most Windows machines out there. With a sleek thin design, advanced display with ProMotion and security technology like FaceID, there is no competition for iPad in the tablet market. Instead, iPad Pro is becoming an option for laptop buyers.

Apple is doing tremendous work in mobile processors and they are beating most of Intel’s processors. A-series chips were matching Core i5 processors in previous generation iOS products but now they are matching Core i7 processors. If I were Intel or Qualcomm, I would be very worried.