iOS 12 is now installed on 50% of all active iPhones and iPads

iOS 12 is Apple’s latest release of their mobile operating system for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. According to their latest October report, 50% of iOS devices were on iOS 12 when visiting App Store on their device. Apple has shared their numbers showing that iOS 12 is on 53% of devices released in the last 4 years, with iOS 11 being on 40% and the remaining 7% being attributed to devices running iOS 10 and below.

iOS 12 installed on devices released in the last 4 years

Apple further breaks down the number by stating that 50% of all the devices that are capable of running iOS 12 have the software, while 39% still have iOS 11 and the remaining 11% are running iOS 10 or below. This includes devices that weren’t listed in the earlier figures such as iPhone 5S and the iPad Mini 2 – which were released in 2013 but are compatible with iOS 12. The sudden loss of 3% in the earlier figure can be attributed to a number of various factors.

iOS 12 installed on all compatible devices

This achievement is quite the milestone for Apple as 2017’s release of iOS 11 only saw an install base of 25% in its first week of launch. With iOS 12, Apple has nearly doubled that record – hitting a 50% install base within a week of launch. On the other hand, the latest version of Android, version 9, is on less than 0.1% of devices. Even the previous major release of Android, version 8, is  installed on only 13.4% of devices, despite being available for more than a year. 

This is definitely one of Apple’s strongest software launches yet, despite last years controversy where Apple admitted that older iOS devices are throttled to prolong battery life. With iOS 12, Apple has worked on improving the performance on old devices to prolong their lifespan. Features like Siri Shortcuts and Screen Time add to the of features of devices both old and new, making them more useful than ever.

Apple’s App Store has also been crushing Google’s Play Store be being 93% more profitable in Q3, 2018.