iOS 12 causing charging issues with iPhones when screen is off

It has become a tradition that with every new iPhone release, a #gate issue is accompanied with it. The latest in this series of issues is #chargegate, shared by the same YouTuber who was behind #bendgate from the iPhone 6 Plus era. While his video claims that the iPhone XS has a charging problem, anecdotes from different users on older iPhone models confirm that the issue is likely related to iOS 12.

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The problem revolves around the fact that charging stops working on some iPhones if you do not turn on the screen first. The issue originated with reports stemming from iPhone XS and XS Max users, but reports soon began flooding in from users on older iPhones on iOS 12. The issue has been aptly dubbed chargegate by various people and you can guess that many consumers are very annoyed with the inconvenience. It might not sound like much of an issue, but it is now muscle memory for a good majority of users to plug in their phone for charging without turning the screen on first. You can watch the video below from UnboxTherapy where he shows, through extensive testing, that there is a serious problem on Apple’s end.

The issue isn’t there for ALL devices running iOS 12. It effects select devices varying in models starting from latest iPhone XS and XS Max, and older devices such as iPhone 6, 6 Plus, iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, etc. Some iPad users have also reported the issue which supports the idea that it might be related to iOS 12. It is admittedly a very big issue and Apple has yet to acknowledge it or offer any statement at the time of writing, but we are hopeful that they roll out a fix for the issue soon.

It is difficult to discern where the fault lies in iOS 12, but 9to5mac has shared a possible reason for the charging issue being attributed to USB Restricted Mode. This is a security related feature which disallows brute force attacks and was introduced with iOS 12. But this is speculation for now, as we wait for an update from Apple on the problem. Due to this charging issue and the ‘beautygate’ issue with iPhone XS front-facing camera, an iOS 12.0.1 release might be coming soon.