iOS 12.1 leaks landscape FaceID for iPad Pro, iCloud sync for Memoji

FaceID has been all but confirmed for 2018 iPad Pros, as per code found in iOS 12.1 developer beta 1 by eagle-eyed developers. References to iCloud syncing for Memoji have also been found, which suggest that users will be able to use their iPhone X created Memojis on upcoming iPads, thanks to TrueDepth camera support.

iOS 12.1 leaks

With every new iOS beta release, it seems that Apple leaks upcoming hardware details. It has almost become a routine, considering that this has been going on since a few major releases. HomePod’s features were leaked thanks to an iOS 11 beta last year, and features for upcoming iPad Pro have been found in iOS 12 beta builds this year. As per analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, new iPads will have USB-C support, along with thinner bezels and FaceID. An icon found in iOS 12 beta 5 also confirmed that the new iPad will have rounded corners, like iPhone X. These new details leaked in iOS 12.1 confirm most of the reports that have already been circulating on the Internet.

With iOS 12.1 dev beta 1, the following features have been leaked so far by developer Steve Trouhton-Smith and 9to5mac:

  • Accessibility framework updates which can convert voice calls to iMessage like chat transcripts.
  • Support for Memoji iCloud sync. Memojis are new personalized avatars that can be animated using the TrueDepth camera. (via 9to5mac)
  • References to iPad2018Fall found, which confirm to new iPads launching, likely as soon as next month. (via 9to5mac)
  • Landscape orientation support for FaceID. While this is not part of iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max, this will be extremely useful on iPad Pro. Nobody would want an unlock method on iPad that only works in one orientation. Note that a code update will not enable landscape FaceID on existing iPhones since this feature requires more sensors than the current ones on iPhones.
  • Another tidbit included in iOS 12.1 code is that MFi game controllers with clickable thumb sticks will be supported. This is great for people who play games like Fortnite or PUBG, on iPhone or iPad. The extra buttons, which are standard on consoles and PC controllers, really make a difference in gameplay.

Oddly enough, there are no new features in iOS 12.1, except for the inclusion of Group FaceTime, which doesn’t work well so far. iOS 12 was just released this Monday and so far, users have been very happy with the improved performance, which has given an extended life to old iOS devices. For more information, check out our coverage of new features in iOS 12.