Instagram announces shopping in Stories and Explore tab

Instagram is home to over 400 million users, and almost 150 million of this audience comes to the app with commercial purposes. Whether it’s a product endorsement, or sponsored content, business on Instagram is very strong and results in strong earnings for businesses. Among the selfies, beautiful photographs and food photos, the shopping community has relied on links-in-bio, and other workarounds to conduct sales. This is about to change as Instagram is adding Shopping to Stories and Explore tab.

Instagram Shopping Feature in Action

Normally, an Instagram Story would ask users to swipe up to go to a website or tell users to check the link in their bio, but with the new feature will let users tag products in the photo and turn them into links that can prompt action from the photo. As a buyer, when you find that your favorite Instagram celebrity has posted a new Story, you can tap on it to see the shopping tags which link to the product webpage. You can tap on the tags to go to the product website and select a size and purchase it.

Instagram Exploring Shopping Section

These tap-to-reveal tags were already available for regular posts and as per statistic, they have been very successful for sellers and buyers. There’s something about human beings endorsing products that adds a layer of trust for buyers. This is why shopping on Instagram has become such a big thing, despite the focus of the app being more on creativity.

In addition, a new Shopping channel will also be introduced in the Explore page where you can see listing of merchandise curated to your liking. If you don’t follow any person who endorses products, there is still a good variety of shopping options for you to look at while browsing the app through Explore. Exploring in Shopping will cater to your tastes; whether it’s fashion, art, or other apparel that you want to look good in.

These new features have been in testing with a limited group of users and will be rolled out globally over the coming weeks.