How to use watchOS 5 Raise to Speak to Siri feature

Raise to Speak is a new feature in watchOS 5 which removes the need of saying Hey Siri to invoke the virtual assistant. You just need to raise your wrist and speak, for Siri to listen and respond to you.

Raise to Speak Siri watchOS 5 Apple Watch

Enable Raise to Speak in watchOS 5

To use Siri on your Watch with Raise to Speak, make sure that on your iPhone, Hey Siri is enabled. On iPhone 8 and older devices, Press Home for Siri, and on iPhone X and newer devices, Press Side Button for Siri  should also be enabled.

  1. Open Settings app on your Watch
  2. Navigate to General
  3. Tap on Siri
  4. Enable the toggle for Raise to Speak

If you keep your wrist at a moderate distance from your face, it won’t toggle, but if you bring the Apple Watch slightly closer to your chin, it will detect and toggle Siri automatically.

People have reported that there are instances where Siri turns on even when it’s at the waist level, when you are looking at time. You will have to experiment with the feature and find out the best placement for your Apple Watch that works toward helping it differentiate between when you want to use Siri and when you want to just use it.

Raise to Speak also works if you are in an app in the Apple Watch. For users with Apple Watch Series 3 and above, Siri will give audio responses via the speaker on the watch. With Apple Watch Series 4‘s loud speaker, you might want to adjust the volume so that the responses are not too loud. The mic on Series 4 has also been improved so Siri will not have any trouble listening to you, even in noisy and crowded environments. The best thing is, even if you are wearing AirPods, or other Bluetooth headphones, you can still use Raise to Speak to use Siri through your headphones.

Alternatively, you can still use the Hey Siri command, if you have it enabled from Settings > General > Siri on your watch. Long pressing on the Digital Crown, or setting Siri as a complication on your watch face, are other ways to activate Siri.