How to use iOS 12 Password AutoFill on iPhone and iPad

iOS 12 has a really useful new feature called Password AutoFill which helps in filling up username and password information in Safari and other mobile apps. The feature is supported by iCloud Keychain and is also available for third party apps like 1Password and Dashlane. Just like with iCloud Keychain, users can utilize TouchID or FaceID to authenticate and fill in their information using Password Autofill. 

AutoFill Passwords in iOS 12

Apple already had password saving and autofill capabilities in iOS, but they had been very limited in the past. With iOS 12, Apple has turned iCloud Keychain into a full-fledged password manager which can be used for websites as well as apps. In an app like Safari, when you land on a login page, you now see a suggestion to login using your password, rather than the keyboard. If the account is not the one you want to login with, you can switch between your saved credentials by taping the key icon on the bottom right.

Safari AutoFill Passwords iOS 12

Alternatively, if you do not have the account details saved in your iCloud Keychain already, you can tap on the keyboard icon on the bottom left and enter them manually. You can then save them to iCloud Keychain once you login.

You can also use Password AutoFill in third-party apps. This is what you see when you try to login to Twitter:

Apps AutoFill Passwords iOS 12

The blurred text is where you see the ID and tapping on it, fills the username and password fields, after verifying using TouchID or FaceID that it’s you.

Use third-party password manager in iOS 12

Apple has opened up this new Password AutoFill functionality to third-party apps as well. If you use something like 1Password, Dashlane, LastPass or other password management apps, you can go to Settings > Passwords & Accounts > AutoFill Passwords and switch your password management from iCloud Keychain to your app of choice. The username/password data will now come from the password management app, but the UI in Safari and third-party apps will be the same. This means that you can instantly access and fill-in your passwords using the app of your choice. Unlike before, you will not have to leave your app and copy the password from another app.

AutoFill Passwords iOS 12

Apple has ensured that no matter which app you use, password management is secure. The additional step of authenticating using TouchID or FaceID makes sure that only you can use your passwords, even if your device is used by someone else.

Why would you want to use a third-party app instead of iCloud Keychain? The single biggest reason is that other apps like 1Password and Dashlane work on various platforms, including Windows and Android. iCloud Keychain only works across iOS and macOS. Third-party apps also provide additional features like secure notes, alerts when websites get hacked and so on. All these features come at an additional price. However, if you only use iOS and macOS, iCloud Keychain is good enough too.