How to use desktop stacks in macOS Mojave

Desktop stacks is a neat new file organization feature in macOS Mojave 10.14. It aims to help with cluttered desktops by automatically creating collections of files, based on their type. 

Desktop Stacks macOS Mojave

For someone like yours truly, this is one the best features to have come to a desktop operating system in a long time. I commonly have tons of files on my desktop and find it difficult to keep them organized. I have the habit of creating ‘New Folder with Items’ within ‘New Folder with Items’, just so I can remove the junk from my desktop. After I realize that I haven’t access a particular new folder for a while, I just delete those files, assuming that they are not important. As you can tell, this is not the best way of handling files and I’ve lost a few important ones thanks to my habit.

Desktop Stacks change all this.

Using Stacks in macOS Mojave

To use Stacks, simply right click on your desktop and click on Use Stacks. This will instantly clean up the mess on your desktop and sort files in different stacks.

To view files in a Stack, simply click on it and it’ll expand to show all the files. This can be problematic if you have too many files in a stack so it is something for Apple to improve on.

You can also perform batch actions on a Stack. Control + right click on a Stack to open the right click menu.

A cool feature is that you can scroll left or right on a Stack to browse through the files inside it. Once you find the file you like, you can drag it to your favorite application, or another folder. You can also right click it to perform different actions or to delete it. All this can be done without opening the Stack.

The way that Stacks are created and your files are organized can be changed too. Right click on your desktop and go to Group Stacks By. From here, you can change between Kind, Date Last Opened, Date Added, Date Modified, Date Created and Tags. The default grouping is Kind, which groups files by their format: PDF, powerpoint, screenshot, image, videos, documents and so on.

Group Stacks by

While Stacks is not perfect, it adds files in the right group, based on your preference. This automatic collection/sorting of files into collections like screenshots, documents, images, video and so on, is extremely helpful. Stacks ensures that files always stay in quick reach and that’s what makes it one of my favorite new features from macOS Mojave.

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