How to use continuity camera in macOS Mojave & iOS 12

Continuity camera is a new feature in macOS Mojave 10.14 which lets you capture photos or scan documents using your iPhone or iPad camera. All this is done directly between the app in macOS Mojave and iOS device camera. You don’t have to unlock your device to capture a photo or scan a document, save it to Photos app and then email, message, AirDrop it to your Mac, to inserting it in your app. The feature works really seamlessly and is a great example of Apple’s software integration between macOS and iOS.

Using Continuity Camera in macOS Mojave

To use Continuity Camera, you have to ensure the following:

  • You are logged in to iCloud on your macOS and iOS devices using the same Apple ID
  • Your devices are connected to the same WiFi network and both have Bluetooth enabled

If features like Continuity or Handoff work fine for you between Mac and iOS devices, than Continuity Camera should also work just fine.

Continuity Camera works with the following apps:

  • Finder
  • Mail
  • Notes
  • Messages
  • TextEdit
  • Keynote
  • Numbers
  • Pages

Open any of these applications and right click where you want to insert a photo or document scan. You should see an option which says Import from iPhone (in Finder) or your phone’s name with Take Photo and Scan Documents options. Here is how this looks like in the Notes app.

Take Photo Scan Document Continuity Camera

When you click any of the options, you will get a UI similar to below screenshots. This means that the camera on your iOS device is active.

Take a Photo

Scan a document

Using your iPhone or iPad, capture a photo or scan a document. If you are capturing a photo, simply press the shutter button in your iOS device camera and the photo will be inserted in your macOS app in image format.

If you are scanning a document, aim your iOS device camera at a physical document and it’ll automatically be scanned and its aspect-ratio auto adjusted. You can add more document scans in this UI. When you are done, the document scans will be saved in the macOS app in PDF format.

Once you get into the habit of using Continuity Camera, you will realize that it saves a lot of time and hassle. Something that used to take a number of steps before, just takes 2 steps now.

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